Corporate SEO

You know that your brand can rank high in search engines with professional Corporate SEO. You can achieve success in a short time with the keywords determined by our expert team in Google, Yandex, Bing and other search engines.

Corporate SEO aims to capture the appropriate visitors for your brand's target audience. For example; You are selling car accessories in your company. Your target audience should be car owners and buyers. This target audience can be reduced to automobile brands or even a product with long-term Corporate SEO and E-Commerce Site SEO studies. According to all these results, our team identifies and analyzes keywords that appeal to the audience that owns cars and conducts Corporate SEO work for the most efficient ones.


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Competitor analysis

We take our first step in corporate SEO with competitor analysis. Because we need to analyze our competitors well to drive traffic to our website. We comprehensively report all the moves of our competitors that we will compete with in Corporate SEO.

Determination of Keywords

It is an indispensable Corporate SEO element for search engines. We determine keywords that are compatible with your target audience, your brand, or even your product or services, and make detailed analysis. Fulkar Digital not only chooses the most popular keywords for your brand, but also determines the words that match your target audience.

On-site Corporate SEO

A very important issue for corporate SEO is On-Site Corporate SEO. By ensuring that your website is organized according to the specified keywords, we increase your site traffic many times over. We make repairs and adjustments in content quality, up-to-date content, keyword usage rates, vertical search, mobile compatibility, regional-local SEO, speed, direct answers, site's coding errors, link structure and many more.

Social media

Social Media strategy is the success of Off-Site Corporate SEO. Our agency attaches great importance to Social Media Management for Corporate SEO at a point where almost only social media channels come to mind when it comes to constantly developing and even internet. Wouldn't you like your brand to be represented in the best way on media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbir? What can be shared on social media suitable for your target audience? What types of content can you drive traffic from social media? By finding these and answers to these questions, you can earn a custom social page that is compatible with your brand.

Offpage and Backlink Services

We are doing backlink work to increase the popularity of your website in corporate SEO studies. Don't you want to provide an organic and natural traffic to your website with the backlinks that our corporate SEO expert will get from sites suitable for your industry? Our experts bring your keyword to the top in search engines with a regular backlink work without dropping spam.


As a 360 ° media agency, Fulkar Digital owes its success to its disciplined and organized work. Our corporate SEO work on your brand; We present it in a transparent and organized manner. If you want to be instantly informed about all the steps taken by your SEO agency, Fulkar Digital is just a click away.


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