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Fulkar Digital recreates your brand with its professional social media team. Whether you are an e-commerce brand, a corporate company or a SME, we are assertive to work together and carry you forward to achieve your goals. With our expert team, "Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin etc." We manage your social media networks and develop concepts.

Why Social Media?

We can answer the question with just one sentence: Because almost all of your target audience is on social media! If we look at the internet and social media usage rates of 2019, we can see how accurate our above statement is. The number of internet users in 2019 was 4.38 billion. This means an increase of almost 10% compared to last year. In 2019, the number of social media users reached 3,484 billion. Social media usage rate also increased by 9% compared to last year. The average internet user spends about 6 hours and 42 minutes a day on the Internet. Almost half of this period falls to the share of social media. In the light of all this data, it is very clear why you should exist in social media.

fukar digital social media management
fukar digital social media management

We set up a strategy, set your story, design and manage it.

We listen, develop, implement and receive feedback.

We protect your customers, reach your potential customers, turn them into new ones.

In line with the brief we received from you, we determine your brand's strategy in social media, and rewrite your story. Both our design and content strategies are completely focused on your target audience. We not only manage your social media accounts, but also always offer you offers on 360 degree marketing that your brand needs, we lead you to develop your brand.

We plan and develop the future contents of your brand in line with the notifications from customers. We respond to the demands of your target audience in the fastest way. We receive feedback from the content prepared according to your audience's requests, forward them to you and re-establish the strategy with you. We analyze all collected data and report it to you and keep you informed about your accounts.

We target new customers with content marketing and advertising efforts on social media and ensure that you reach your potential customers. We turn the potential customer base into your new customer. We develop our content strategy in line with the wishes and expectations of your existing customers and organize different works / events / competitions to create customer loyalty.

fukar digital social media management
fukar digital social media management


We don't just share content. We analyze the results of the monthly studies and develop our studies in line with these analyzes. At the end of each month, we provide you with reports for different channels, we enable you to follow the development easily. We carry out an analysis of the activities with you in weekly / monthly meetings. Continuous innovation and communication are essential for success in social media management and advertisements. It is very difficult for brands or companies to follow and keep up with their busy agendas, and here we are engaged as Fulkar Digital.

If you want to reach your target audience with performance oriented works on social media, you should definitely contact us.

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