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12 Methods to Increase Followers on Instagram

Updated: Feb 6

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. According to the latest statistics, approximately 2 billion people in the world are actively using Instagram . Instagram also plays an important role in becoming popular for many. Many people are on their way to becoming famous thanks to this social media platform. The number of followers is also important in this regard. When this is the case, one of the most curious questions is how to increase followers on Instagram. In this article, we have researched these methods for you.

12 Methods to Increase Followers on Instagram

  1. Set a Purpose for Your Profile

  2. Create Your Content with a Strategy

  3. Use Your Profile Actively

  4. Make Your Images Impressive

  5. Make Your Articles Attractive

  6. Pay Attention to Hashtags

  7. Follow Users

  8. Interact with Users

  9. Make Giveaways

  10. Advertise

  11. Report and Analyze

  12. Prepare a Custom Sharing Plan

Set a Purpose for Your Profile

In order to increase the number of followers, you must first edit your profile. Identify the main purpose of your profile and act accordingly. Don't just serve content to users. If you represent a brand, share that brand's story with your users. Share about your products. Pay attention to audience interaction.

Create Your Content with a Strategy

First of all, you need to define your target audience well. Decide what age, education, gender, and region you want to appeal to. Prepare the content you create on Instagram according to this target audience. No content is judged on its own. Create a context of all content. Do not neglect to share in this context. According to researches, human face photos get 38 percent more interaction. In addition, long articles are not read by people and do not receive interaction.

Use Your Profile Actively

How actively you use your profile is also very important. Taking a long break and not sharing will decrease your follower count. Because people do not interact with people who do not share for a long time. For this reason, they will be more likely to unfollow you. We recommend that you pay attention to posting in a way that will show that you are active almost every day .

Make Your Images Impressive

Visuality is always very important. Since Instagram is a photo sharing site, quality images always attract more attention. Avoid repetitive posts. Your unique visuals will always attract attention. Having a unique pose that will be your signature feature will also make you catchy and remarkable. Pay attention to these details so that your profile is visually interesting.

Make Your Articles Attractive

Posts are another remarkable element on Instagram . You can write a text of 2200 words under your photos . But no one will probably read this article. Use the catchy and most important sentence at the beginning. Your emojis should also be in a way that attracts people's attention. Too many emojis are also not liked by users. Your articles should be short but goal-oriented. Try to express yourself in the shortest sentences.

Pay Attention to Hashtags

Hashtags are an important element just like images and text. Hashtags will allow you to be discovered among billions of shares. When using hashtags , be careful not to have less than 5 or more than 30 . You can create your location, brand, lifestyle, city, campaign, event hashtag topics.

Follow Users

It will also be beneficial for you to start by following the popular users in the field you are interested in. After following these people, also take a look at their followers. You can send follow requests to people you think will like your account. Follow -up is very ordinary, but it is only one of the methods that has been used for years and works.

Interact with Users

Follow the accounts that follow you except spam accounts . Be sure to reply to people who comment on the post. Like the comments on your content and take care to send private messages to people who are closely interested in your account. Instagram is a socializing space, so users will want you to be social. By paying attention to the points mentioned above, you can interact with your users.

Make Giveaways

Sweepstakes is interesting for just about everyone. If you want to introduce yourself to different audiences, raffles will help you. In order for your users to participate in the draw, having followers, liking the sharing, mentioning their friends in the comments will announce you to a wider audience. You can make deals with some sponsors for these sweepstakes. Create hashtags for your sweepstakes, and advertise your sweepstakes content.


Advertising is always one of the most preferred methods. Advertisements are also frequently used on Instagram to increase the number of followers. First, set a banner for the ad. Then choose a target audience and define the ad space along with the ad duration. The ad can be displayed in the story or in the post . You should decide this according to your budget. Finally, create the ad content and return goals. If you do not have a high budget, you can participate in advertising with low budgets.

Prepare a Custom Sharing Plan

Sharing plans will allow users to adapt to you and your posts. It will also create a relationship of trust between you. Make sure to share 1 or 2 posts a day. Share at least 5 to 30 stories a day . Open a live broadcast once a day, even if it is short. With a special plan, your users will get used to your routine.

Report and Analyze

Analyzes always show the successes you have or haven't achieved, and they actually have a guiding quality. By looking at your analysis, you can identify your shortcomings or areas of success well, and make various improvements if necessary. Click-through rate, site traffic, number of followers, number of unfollowers, engagement rate, hashtag spread are the best statistics to show your success. You can achieve success by analyzing these results well.

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