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Everything You Need To Know To Sell On Amazon That Turns The Corner To Thousands Of People

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Amazon, the world's largest online shopping platform, quickly became popular with the use of the Prime subscription system in our country. So what should a seller do to sell on Amazon? We answered the question of how to sell on Amazon for you and explained the points you need to pay attention to.

It would not be wrong to say that online shopping sites have added wealth to their wealth with the pandemic process. One of them is the Amazon platform, which serves worldwide. Selling on Amazon is a prestigious and profitable method. So, how to sell on Amazon? Selling on Amazon is basically not much different from selling on different online shopping sites. They all consist of similar steps.

Selling on Amazon can offer slightly different advantages compared to other shopping sites. However, as we said, the method is the same. You subscribe by paying a certain fee, give commission from product sales to the platform and try to be the rising star of the platform. We answered the question of how to sell on Amazon and explained the details you need to know to sell on Amazon.

How to sell on Amazon?

Step #1: Open a selling account through Seller Central.

Step #2: Share the information and documents needed to sell on Amazon.

Step #3: Enter the inventory of the products you will sell.

Step #4: Start selling.

Step #5: You're done.

Step #1: Open a selling account on Seller Central:

Seller Central is the seller platform of the Amazon online shopping site. To sell on Amazon outside of your regular Amazon account, you must open a merchant account here. If you wish, the sales account can be made through the e-mail address registered to your Amazon account, or you can open a business account through a different e-mail address.

Step #2: Share the information and documents needed to sell on Amazon:

To sell on Amazon, of course, you must have a company. Individual companies can also sell through Amazon. The important thing is that it is officially a company in the middle. Although the system guides you, the information and documents requested in general are as follows;

  • A current and in use credit card

  • Company phone number

  • Business type information

  • company registration number

  • Company tax number

  • Address of company

  • Identity information of the person who will be accepted as the first person for the transactions

  • The phone number of the person who will be accepted as the first person for the transactions

  • Date of birth and place of birth of the person who will be accepted as a first person for transactions

  • Bank account information to which sales revenue will be deposited

The documents and information required to sell on Amazon are generally like this. Since Amazon is an international company, unlike other online shopping sites, country information must be specified in the required fields. However, this will not pose a problem.

For large companies with multiple partners, the required documents and information may be a little more detailed. At this point, there may be steps where documents belonging to all partners of the company will be requested. In such a case, all requested documents and information should be shared in their most up-to-date form, otherwise legal problems may arise in the future.

Step #3: Enter the inventory of the products you will sell:

In order to sell on Amazon, you need to open a seller account and share the necessary information, and then enter the products you will sell next to Amazon's inventory. Selling second-hand products on Amazon is prohibited. Apart from that, you can sell products in the following 15 basic categories;

  • Computer

  • Baby products

  • Electronic Products and Accessories

  • Home and Kitchen Products

  • Home Entertainment Systems

  • Household Supplies and Decoration

  • Camera and Photography Products

  • Book

  • Personal Care Appliances

  • Office Products

  • Game Consoles and Games

  • Toys & Kids Games

  • Sports and Outdoor Products

  • Phone and Accessories

  • Clothing and Shoes

You can sell all brand new products evaluated within these categories on Amazon. While entering the said products into the platform inventory, some information about the product will be requested. Products without this information will not be sold. The desired product information is as follows;

  • EAN, UPC or ISBN code of the product

  • Product full name

  • Detailed description of the product

  • Images of the product

  • The price of the product

  • Product stock status

  • Depending on the product type, additional information may be requested.

Step #4: Start selling:

You have created an Amazon sales account by sharing the requested information and documents through Seller Central. After entering the product information into the inventory, it is time to sell. Companies that sell professionally on Amazon pay a monthly fee of £99 plus VAT calculated on this value. Of course, this is not the only fee paid.

The Amazon platform takes a certain commission from you. This amount of commission varies according to the product type. A commission ranging from 6% to 10% is taken from products sold through Amazon, depending on the product type. This commission is considered separately from the monthly subscription fee. You can see all commission rates here.

The monthly subscription fee is collected by Amazon in advance. The amount you earn from sales is transferred to the bank account you shared during registration in 14-day periods after the commission fee is deducted. Although your earnings are sent in 14-day periods, it may take up to 5 days to reflect in your bank account.

Amazon does not direct people who want to sell on Amazon to any shipping company. It is the seller's responsibility to ship free of charge products that are evaluated under the free shipping policy. If you wish, you can make a special agreement to use Amazon's own shipping network and warehouse space. Since this process will vary according to the seller, it is not possible to talk about a clear price information.

Why is it important to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the important online shopping platforms that has gained rapid momentum in recent years and its turnover is increasing every year. Thanks to the free shipping opportunity offered by the Prime subscription, it is becoming an increasingly popular shopping destination in our country. That's why it's really important for sellers to be here.

Users buy billions of different categories of products annually on Amazon. Having your store on such a shopping site means that you reach 5 times more people than other shopping sites. You can think of selling on Amazon like taking advantage of the light of a rising star. Moreover, the seller's earnings are much higher than some shopping sites.

We explained the steps to be followed by those who want to sell on Amazon and answered the question of how to sell on Amazon. What we tell here is of general information nature. You can find detailed information on the subject on the Amazon website.

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