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Increasing the Subscribers with YouTube Advertising and YouTube Ads

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

YouTube , which has been in our lives for many years and perhaps the most clicked social media platform during the day , has now become a source of income for many people. With YouTube, one of the platforms where advertising is done in the best way, many people earn income with different content. It is known that YouTube ads have a large share in this. In this article, we searched for all the details about advertising on the YouTube platform and increasing the number of subscribers with these ads.

YouTube Advertising

If you don't know how to advertise on YouTube, let's take a step-by-step review.

  • First, you need to log in to your YouTube account. Click on the link after you have entered the information you need to log in. Click on the start button that will appear at this address. Here you will be redirected to the YouTube advertising page.

  • In the next step, you need to copy the URL address of the channel you will advertise or your own channel. After clicking the start button, paste the copied address into the blank on the screen that will appear.

  • Here, a new screen will appear. On this screen, you need to select the required image and text for your ad . This will be the step that will take the most of your time. Because your ad needs to look good in order for it to be clicked a lot. You can also get help from an expert for this. After selecting the image and text, press continue. Immediately after pressing the Continue button, you will need to select the area where viewers who click on the ad will be directed. You will determine whether viewers are directed to your web page or YouTube channel.

  • The next step is to determine your budget. Here you will be asked to set your daily cost for advertising. Next, you need to determine your target audience . By determining your target audience correctly, you get the chance to watch your ads to the right people. For this reason, we recommend that you identify your target audience correctly.

  • The last step will be invoicing. You can do this easily by selecting your AdWords account. Your ad will not be published directly when your payment is made. For the ad to be published, it must first be approved by the editors. You can see your ads start running right after approval.

YouTube Ad Types

There are 4 different ad options for YouTube. We researched these advertising options for you.

  • TrueView Ads

  • Non-skippable Instream Ads

  • Bumper Instream Ads

  • Masthead Ads

TrueView Ads

It is the type where the viewer viewing the ad skips the ad at any time. As long as your ad is not watched, you do not need to pay anything. The ad must be watched for at least 30 seconds before you can pay . It is the most preferred type of advertising by companies.

Non-skippable Instream Ads

These ads are usually placed at the beginning or middle of the video. Viewers cannot skip this ad and are forced to watch it. You must pay for this ad each time you watch it.

Bumper Instream Ads

These are the ads at the beginning of the videos and their duration is 6 seconds . Charges are made for each viewing.

Masthead Ads

This type of advertising, which works with the reservation method, is carried out through the Google sales representative. You can advertise by giving a daily price or a price per 1000 views.

Increasing User Count with YouTube Ads

One of the biggest dreams of many people today is to make money thanks to YouTube. In order to earn money on the YouTube platform, it is necessary to have a considerable number of subscribers and views. We also researched how to increase your subscriber count on YouTube for you.

  • Advertise Your YouTube Page Well

  • Use the Subscribe Button

  • Keep in touch with your audience

  • Keep Your Video Durations Long

  • Upgrade Your Video Quality

  • Highlight Your Old Videos

Advertise Your YouTube Page Well

You will need a good advertisement to increase your subscriber count on the YouTube platform . For this, you can get help from experts or people who are famous on the platform. If there is no such person, start announcing your YouTube account by getting help from your own social media accounts and your environment. Take care to make your advertisement well and attractively.

Use the Subscribe Button

One of the most used phrases by YouTubers is ' Click the Subscribe button .' is happening. Be sure to add the subscribe button to your channel and make sure that people who watch your video subscribe. Your viewers will start to follow your channel more closely by seeing notifications on each new video.

Keep in touch with your audience

Communication is always very important. Be sure to reply to people who watch and comment on your video. These answers will make the viewer feel taken seriously. Even a single answer can attract the audience to the channel. Also, make sure your answers are appropriate.

Keep Your Videos Longer

To rank high in YouTube searches, your videos must be of a certain length. With short videos, it becomes almost impossible to rank at the top. For this reason, make sure that the videos uploaded to the channel are at least 10 minutes. Prefer videos longer than 10 minutes rather than short videos .

Upgrade Your Video Quality

No one wants to watch a video with poor quality and low viewing pleasure. For this reason, both your content and image quality should be high. Also, make sure that the sounds are clear. Loud and incomprehensible videos are immediately turned off and therefore appear at the bottom of the search button. For this reason, we recommend that you give great importance to both your image, sound and content quality.

Highlight Your Old Videos

If you are a good YouTube channel follower, you must have seen that YouTubers put their old videos at the end of the videos. Because the featured videos arouse curiosity in the audience and they are likely to click on that video. Thus, watching the videos, the chance of subscribing to the channel increases as well. Even this small detail will allow you to gain many subscribers.

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