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What is WhatsApp Business Account and How to Open?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred social media platforms since its establishment in 2009. Many of us use WhatsApp for messaging and video calling. According to Oberlo's statistics, 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day in the world. When this is the case, this application officially becomes a part of our lives. WhatsApp is also stepping into the business world with its WhatsApp Business account. Now let's answer all the questions about the WhatsApp Business Account.

What is a WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp Business Account, also known as WhatsApp Business, is known as a service of the application that enables messaging with small customers. WhatsApp business account was launched in 2018. With this service, a WhatsApp account can be opened for businesses or companies, shops. In this way, it becomes possible to communicate with customers through this account.

A business account is different from a personal account and it is not possible to exchange through this account. So you can't turn a personal account into a business account.

This service includes two different account types. The first of these accounts is known as the 'Business Account'. You can start using this account as soon as you download WhatsApp Business. Another account type is known as 'Official Business Account'. For this title to be awarded, the applicant institution or organization must be approved by WhatsApp to be official.

What are the Features of WhatsApp Business Account?

  • This service is compatible with landline phones starting with area code or 0 850.

  • Thanks to the WhatsApp Web feature, it can be used easily from computers.

  • With its spam and message blocking feature, it allows you to prevent unwanted messages.

  • By using this service you get a corporate personality. This will give you a great advantage.

  • You can easily transfer your business contact information to this business account.

  • You can follow your messaging statistics in detail.

  • Wherever you are, you can answer your customers' questions, produce solutions to problems and stay in touch with customers.

Who Can Use WhatsApp Business Account?

Any organization that wants to use it can benefit from this service. However, this service is mostly used for small-scale services. If you are a small business owner, WhatsApp Business will provide you with convenience and adequate service. But we should also say that it will be insufficient for medium and large-scale enterprises.

Who Cannot Use WhatsApp Business Account?

To use a WhatsApp business account, WhatsApp needs to approve your account. WhatsApp usually approves accounts of well-known businesses. But some types of businesses don't get approval at all. We have listed these businesses for you.

  • tobacco products

  • Alcohol products

  • livestock

  • Cryptocurrency

  • dating services

  • Firearm or ammunition

  • gambling establishments

  • Pharmaceuticals and health products

What are the Advantages of WhatsApp Business Account?

  • WhatsApp business account is completely free . In this way, you can communicate with your customers as you wish without breaking your budget.

  • This application provides automatic messaging service. You also have the chance to save time with an automatic message.

  • WhatsApp is known as the most used messaging application in the world. For this reason, many people will contact your store via WhatsApp. Your business account will also provide you with great convenience in this case.

  • With this application, you also provide free customer service . Instead of e-mail, which is not used very often nowadays, you can solve problems in a short time and communicate quickly with this application.

  • You can customize your business profile completely according to your wishes. This will strengthen your brand identity.

  • Thanks to the catalog feature in this application, your customers can browse your products in a short time. In this way, customer satisfaction also increases.

How to Open a WhatsApp Business Account?

  • For WhatsApp business account setup, you first need to download the 'WhatsApp Business' application. If your device is Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store, and if it is Apple, you can download it from the App Store.

  • After the download is complete, log in to the application. Just like personal WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business will offer you the necessary contracts. Confirm these agreements and continue.

  • After the confirmation process, WhatsApp will ask you for a phone number. Enter the number of your business in the blank field. Make sure you enter the number completely and correctly. Because the verification code will come to the number you entered within seconds.

  • Enter the received verification code in the relevant field. If you have logged in with a fixed number, it is also possible to receive a call instead of a verification code.

  • After this step, your account will be opened. You need to enter the requested information such as store name, business category and photo. After entering this information, your WhatsApp business account will be completed.

  • If you want to edit your profile, you can start by clicking the 'Explore' button that will appear. From this area, you can easily set automatic messages and the working hours of your business.

What Are WhatsApp Business Tools?

After setting up the WhatsApp business account, you also need to set up business tools, which are a huge advantage for businesses. Business tools fall into three main categories. These are known as catalogues, shortcuts, and messaging. You can access this section by clicking Settings>Business Tools from your Apple devices and by clicking More Options from your Android devices .


This app is known as the most useful tool. Thanks to this tool, your customers have the opportunity to review your products on WhatsApp. You can create a catalog within minutes by entering product or service images and features in the Settings section. With this tool, you also get the chance to add links.


Thanks to the shortcut tool, customers can contact you in a short time. You can create a shortcut right away by clicking the link symbol in the settings menu. You will have the chance to communicate easily by placing this link you copied on the accounts you want. Your customers, who click on the link you placed, can contact you via WhatsApp within seconds.

Messaging Tools

Thanks to automatic messaging, you can deliver the messages you have prepared for certain situations to your customers at any time. These messages are also divided into three as welcome messages, away messages and instant messages . You can categorize these messages via tags and send them to your customers automatically.

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